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Impacts of modernization

Modernization has taken its toll on the origin and the culture of the human race and has corrupted the entire civilization if we may ‘exaggeratedly’ say. People have forgotten the evocative qualities of their history, origin, culture& ethnic food. Though our ancestors have coined so many phrases and colloquialism, to remind us of the positivity of our medieval practises, culture, processes, beliefs, etc. we have overlooked them always. Lamentably, the world has been facing the health issues because of the contamination of the soil due to harmful pesticides and other chemicals and the genetically corrupted food. Globalization has genuinely influenced one's dietary patterns and affected numerous individuals’ health wise. It is of utmost importance to understand the purity that the past had offered and the impurity that the current propensities have brought along.

Let us look at the problems that have risen and created due to greedy human interference with nature.

Modernization had its focus on urbanization which in turn led to deforestation of the land and hampered the quality of the soil. To add to it, the human kind used synthetic materials to maximize their profits. No one really cared to understand the long term impact that would be imposed on the human kind and to the eco system overall. The fusion and corruption of food also took a toll on the health of the people

Technology brought the science of extending or enhancing the life of the product manufactured. But it destroyed the virginity of the fabric of the end product in most of the cases. Ready to use products are a decent example of the same. They contain carcinogenic compounds in the form of preservatives. So though the taste may be appealing, the originality of the product gets lost in the process.

Moving back to the roots is the only way forward in this current scenario. The ethnic & natural processes of agriculture and the revival of the soil quality can have a marvellous impact on the human race in general. We need to take corrective measures to fight the climate changes and its effects and reinforces the need for caution when we modernize our traditional habits.

Our ancestors always respected and worshipped nature. They had the antiquated ways that they used to procure things from nature and used it in the most purest of forms. This in turn gave them the security of a healthy life style and certain grandeur in their traditions.

We at Avitus are just walking back in the lap of nature…. earnestly trying to procure items in its purest form and spread the blessings of mother nature to its children